Introspection, reflection, naturing, quietly


Aaron is just this guy who's gone through some life transformations. A near-death experience in 2012 resulted in a severely broken back, multiple surgeries, months and months of physical therapy and a completely altered life perspective. Today his life looks little like it did before. He reads every waking second he can, volunteers his time with search & rescue in the Pacific NW and helps people plant trees, meditates regularly and tries to live consciously and mindfully. Miraculously having  made a full recovery from his injury, last year he ran a half marathon and has a full marathon planned for later this year. He spends his spare time backpacking, fishing, hiking and sitting. Life is good and he is grateful for everything.

Lori is a girl who learned early on that writing could help clear her mind of stress and anxiety. Through writing she was able to put into words what she was feeling and thinking and then was able understand what she was experiencing. She had a difficult childhood and a bad marriage but through it all, writing helped her to get through the pain of her past and has brought her to a better place in her life. ~ "Face your fears and your possibilities are endless"


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  • A great attitude!
  • A willingness to serve others, share your skills (cooking, photography, ???)
  • what else you got?


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