1. I understand that being outdoors, hiking, walking, even sitting may pose injury risks. 
  2. Nature Scribe NW is not liable for any injuries or loss of personal property.
  3. While we always put safety first, it is ultimately your responsibility to assess your ability and competence to participate in Nature Scribe NW events.
  4. Every participant is ultimately responsible for their own safety, though we'll guide you with our best discretion and may cancel or postpone events at anytime if conditions are unsafe.

Each participant will be required to complete a liability release prior to participating in a Nature Scribe NW meditation walk, workshop or retreat. Doing anything these days, particularly being outside in nature, can be inherently dangerous and pose risks to an individual's safety.

We'll do our best to never venture into any unsafe areas, but you should assess any physical limitations and understand that injuries can occur to even the safest, most well-prepared individuals.

Safety is our #1 concern.